Monday, April 16, 2012

A quilt

 I went shopping with my sister one day and we found these cute jelly rolls. She bought one and I suggested a few ideas for her to make a quilt. But then I got the itch and decided I had to have the same jelly roll so I could make a quilt. I went back to Joann's and begged a poor lady to look in the back to find me a second roll (Joann's are only half of a "real" jelly roll). Luckily she found one and I went home happy. For a while. Before I could come up with an idea for my find my sewing machine went into the shop (AGAIN!) and of course inspiration struck when I was machine-less. I remembered this quilt and decided to figure it out with my mother-in-laws trusty machine. I tried to go slow, but I had about half the squares done before my machine was finished. Actually that took 4 months so my timeline could be off, but I did get it back in time to finish this beauty. I found the border at a local quilt shop and the backing at another. I decided to bind it with the leftover strips.

For some reason I had trouble with the border stretching when I sewed it on. It was a pain and I can't remember how to make sure it doesn't happen next time, but it was worth it. I love this quilt so much! I am not sure what to do with it, it is baby quilt sized, but I love it. I have already used the leftovers to make a table runner and two hot pads ( I just decided to decorate my  kitchen in these colors-I am loving aqua lately). It is machine quilted on a diagonal next to the middle strips.

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