Monday, May 9, 2011

Chair Makeover + Craft room accessories

pRemember the chair from this post? Well, I finally decided what to do with it. We donated some wooden chairs to my brother-in-law and so my husband stole my office chair. Out of neccessity I grabbed this one for my craft room and wa-la inspiration! I kind of wanted to paint it green, but I didn't have enough of the floral print to cover the cushion. (I used it all on the curtain)
So I stuck with white.
This chair is not in great shape, so I decided to rough it up with sand paper and clear coat the finished product with spray paint.

I had some purple fabric in my stash that goes with the floral print and it adds some femininity to my blue craft room.
Last but not least, my ironing board. The original cover got destroyed (it was white) so I decided to make a new one. I used the old one as a pattern, cut it out, sewed a casing, and used the original string. It looks like its coming loose, but it stays on just fine.
I suggest measuring your ironing board before buying fabric as one yard was obviously not long enough to cover the whole thing. It was a happy accident though since I got to use some leftover floral to finish it up.