Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My washer/dryer pedestal

Our new house came with some interesting challenges in the laundry room. First off, we couldn't bring our set because our dryer was gas, so we had to sell it. Secondly, if we had brought it, it wouldn't have fit in the space with the pedestals on. We decided to save money the second time around and bought a washer/dryer set without the pedestals with the idea that we would make our own. Here is my inspiration:
However, I decided I didn't need a beautiful piece of furniture, I just needed a sturdy platform so I didn't have to bend in half to get my clothes out. This is starting to get in the way:

Not to mention that most of our tools and equipment got left behind when we moved. So I set my expectations low and we headed to Lowes. My husband was not excited about this project, but Lowes helped out by cutting all the wood to our exact specifications. All we had to do was put the thing together. I hadn't even planned on painting it, but our handy helper at the store made me realize it would need to be protected from water. Luckily, I had this beautiful orange paint on hand (I ordered it free from Glidden about 3 years ago and never used it. It is a little bright for most projects). For a boring laundry room it is the perfect color and it makes me happy. The walls look a little green in this picture, but they are just cream.
TA-DA! This raises the washer and dryer up about 12 inches and now they are the perfect height. You can see I didn't add any decorative trim/molding-I didn't even try to hide the screws. Other than that we followed the tutorial on how to put this together and I am super happy with the result!

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Marinda said...

You are so good! Way to go handy lady! And your belly is super cute by the way. Miss you!