Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lydia's Room

 I just made this cute tree out of fabrics left over from Lydia's quilt. I got the idea from I bought this frame a long time ago to use the glass for something else. When I got it home the glass was hot-glued into the frame and I broke it trying to get it out. I painted it pink and made a canvas using cardboard, posterboard, spray adhesive, and fabric. Then I attached all of the pieces using fusible webbing.
 Don't mind the black-out curtain-I'll do anything for a few extra minutes of sleep. I made the curtain using a tutorial from, but you won't find it as a curtain, the tutorial is for a shower curtain. I think it could be longer, but I don't have any other coordinating fabrics.
 I found this blue rocking chair and a garage sale a few years ago. Someday I'll refinish it, but it works for now. The dresser I refinished here. The lamp was stolen out of Logan's room and I recovered the lamp shade with coordinating fabrics. (I bought the quilt fabric in 2007? and didn't buy any extra. I had to comb through the fat quarters at Porters to find a few that matched and then do an extensive online search to find a couple yards for the curtain and crib bumber (not shown)). I found the sweet birdcage at DI last week. It had nasty Christmas foliage in and I almost didn't see it. It is a creamy color, so I might spray paint it, but it is a nice contrast to the white dresser so it might stay creamy. I found the green clock and the bird in the cage at Real Deals.
This wall is still a little boring, but I still like it. This is the dress she wore at her baby blessing, it also happens to be the dress I wore when I was a baby. The shelf I already had, I think it's from Target, and the vases were found at DI. On the last wall next to her closet is the changing table and a bow holder that I made. I didn't take a picture of it because, well, that's where I put all the junk that was in the room before I took these pictures.
I don't think this room and 100% yet, but I am loving it. I was really nervous after I painted the walls that I wouldn't like the color, but it has grown on me and is a nice backdrop for the white furniture. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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