Friday, August 27, 2010

Lydia's Dresser

Theron's grandparents rescued five of these dressers from the apartments they used to own. Until recently, this one was sitting in their garage storing odds and ends most people wouldn't consider saving. I have been waiting for the renters to move out so I could go and save it.
The hardest part about refinishing old dressers is the non-standard hole centers on the drawer pulls. I decided (a little late) to fill the holes and drill new ones so I wasn't limited to one style of pull. I also filled the center hole on the top drawers because knobs aren't cheap.
First coat of primer. I ended up priming at least twice and then three coats of paint. I meticulously sanded between every coat. The top could probably use another, but its good enough for me.
Logan wanted to paint, so I gave him the awesome responsibility of painting the back. He loved it!

All finished with the new hardware. I ended up going to eBay for the knobs and pulls and am happy with the result. I think I should have sprung for two more knobs, but Theron thinks it would have been too much. Really he just doesn't like me second guessing myself. :)
What do you think? It's for Lydia's room and I'm going for a shabby-chic look. Should I sand down the edges? Add two more knobs? Or just leave it alone?

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