Monday, December 6, 2010

Monster Bags

If you haven't been to Ucreate with Kids, you should check it out. I mostly like to look, but sometimes things stick in my head and we actually do them. These fall leaves were really fun and I had everything on hand. I forgot to take a picture, but we made enough to hang in the front entry and even my super artistic brother-in-law asked how we did them.
I found this adorable monster bag tutorial and decided to make it on the spot. The red one is Logan's and even though it somehow turned out really small, Logan loves it. He helped me choose the colors and glued the eyes together. The little pockets in the front hold crayons and markers and we put snacks and paper inside. It's perfect to take to church or in the car. His cousins were intrigued with his monster bag so I decided to make them each one for Christmas. I think they turned out pretty cute.

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Melissa said...

Hey! I saw a shout-out to you on ucreate w/ kids! Way to go!